Clyde the Pumpkin Guy

  • Clyde The Pumpkin Guy: A Collection
    I love my pumpkin lad!
  • I decided to give Inktober a shot in 2016, and on my first day drew a young spirit carving a friend in a pumpkin patch. I decided to name him Clyde, and since then he's been the subject of a variety of projects over the years. 
    Clyde is a friendly spirit who, despite his spooky looks, wants to be friends with the living. In order not to frighten them, he crafts costumes for him and his friends. Having physical bodies makes it easier to navigate earth, anyway! 
  • My first drawings of Clyde, from Inktober 2016. Days 1, 5 & 6
  • Digital Drawings of Clyde | Fall 2017
  • Clyde 3-Layer Screen Print, run of 18 | Winter 2017
  • Sketchbook Drawing & Digital Drawing with Logo | 2018
  • A 4"x4" drawing of Clyde made for The Hunterdon Art Tour (THAT) opening reception at the Hunterdon Art Museum
  • A Clyde Pattern that was also used to print & hand-cut stickers
  • Created a Sculpted Clyde during my SHELTER Residency. This was my first attempt at figurative sculpture
    Summer 2020
  • Character Line-up, Graphite & Colored | Left to Right: Clyde, Violet, Olivia, Thomas, Rudy | Summer 2020
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