Pandora - The Great Indoors

  • Pandora - The Great Indoors

    Made with love from the comfort of our homes during the pandemic this dynamic and joyful spot reminds us just how great the indoors can be.

    Since being inside is the new norm we decided it was time to crank up the volume on our smart speakers and get weird. Inspired by surreal architecture and the transformative power of music, we set out to push our storytelling to the extreme. Hallways stretch for miles, doors take us to places we didn't know existed and of course, a new Pandora radio station is around every corner.

    The project needed to come together quickly — ready for delivery across social, digital display and email channels as well as on Pandora’s own platforms. Our team built the piece in square, horizontal and vertical formats simultaneously to deliver a suite of content in short order.

    These boxes we call homes wouldn't be anything without the people in them. Finding a moment to connect with family, friends, and even ourselves is really what this piece is all about. Grab your yoga mat, put on some tea, and call your friends —it's time to discover the great indoors.

    Client: Pandora
    Directed by: oddfellows
    Executive Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
    Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
    Creative Direction: Fabian Molina
    Producer: Dennis Samatulski, Jen Szeto
    Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
    Design: Yuki Yamada, Jay Quercia, Joyce Liu, Caroline Choi
    Animation: Tyler Morgan, Nicole Stafford, Yino Huan, Arthur Metcalf, Tony Holz, Jakob Scott, Jon Riedell, Olivia Blanc, Fabian Molina

    Music & Sound: Ambrose Yu