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    This is an innovative education platform for international studies. It is a one-stop platform and trusted guide for the entire student journey. This platform design is determined to simplify the world of education through technology by empowering students to make more informed decisions. This innovative platform connects prospective students with education providers through impartial advice and engaging content.
  • Task
    The scope of work was huge but we've concentrated on key features of this app: personal recommendations, a powerful search of universities, courses, and scholarships, saving & sharing, chat with a personal counselor, documents check before application.

    The client received an intuitive and functional app for an innovative education platform. Also we made a design system for the client, so he can make his future products consistent.​​​​​​​

  • Detailed settings are sometimes difficult to display well in a mobile application so that they are convenient and intuitive, and do not take up multiple screens. We have developed a simplified Country Choice. You can easily find the best university by using easy settings and preferences. Do you think you would love it? 👩‍🎓
  • Structuring files and documents well for viewing, downloading, and sharing is not easy, especially in a mobile application. That's why the Wadoo. team went through several stages of development which included research, mind-mapping, creating a low-, & high-fidelity prototypes which yielded excellent results
  • Saving your wishlist and sharing it with family and friends is not an easy task. When choosing a university, it is important to be able to compare universities and courses to find the best way to live. Open and closed wishlists are an important part of sharing the list with the right people and do not have to worry about safety. We did it better than expected. The level of user-friendliness of the wishlist is high.
  • How convenient, fast, and uncomplicated it can be to register a new user and return the current user to talk about how many users you will have at all. The first contact 👆 is the most important and if it is bad, the user will have a negative impression of the whole application. Keep that in mind when you create Log In, Sign Up and Forget the Password Flows.
  • You can customize your profile according to your preferences. You will be asked to look at the relevant results rather than the ones you are not interested in. In search, recommended universities, courses, notifications, and rankings, you will find different ways to browse courses. 

    In addition, you can immediately upload and download all your documents and share them with advisors when you apply. We all know how difficult it is to work with files when we are on the move. This solution should help millennials be freer and more prepared.
  • The key idea of the whole design concept was to centralise information and empower students to make better, more informed decisions.
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