Bored Jar

    A mobile-first application that allows you to add activities and tasks into a 'Bored Jar' to pull from whenever you have extra time on your hands and need help deciding how to fill that time.

    The app idea started with a member of our team of 4 suggesting an app where you could pick a random activity for your kids to do. Since only one member of our group had children, we wanted to make something more universal. Essentially, we decided to create a fun, get-to-it-when-you-can kind of to-do list (since everyone seems to have one of those).

    For this project, we utilized Passport and a MySQL database in the backend. This allows a user to create an account, save all of their list items to their own personal jar, and log in to their account at any point on any device to access their list. We kept the design fairly simple, with subtle functionality extras like the jar’s paper count updating to match the number of jar items in the database.