Gland Pebble Mural

  • Gland Pebble Mural

    The second mural in a two-part commission by the town of Gland, Switzerland. This design, much like its counterpart mural, was inspired by hidden local beauty, specifically by the town’s rocky beach along the shore of the lake Léman. The two murals play off of the geographic landscape of Gland, which sits on an incline, starting at the lake at the bottom (represented by the pebble pattern below), and stretching upwards into greenery, fields and forests (as shown by the botanical pattern above).

    Commission • Client: Service de la Culture de Gland • 16.5 x 1.3m
    Location: Rue de la Gare, Gland, Switzerland

  • The stairs and edges of the wall were painted teal and blue to make the pattern itself pop, and as a nod to the lake’s gorgeous colors in the shallow waters of the local beach.

  • Song: '188' by L-Busy (@lbusy420)
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