Mid-autumn Festival Gift Illustrated Silk Scarf

  • Mid-autumn Festival Gift Illustrated Silk Scarf 
  • 2020 is the 6 centuries’ anniversary of the Forbidden City. I designed this silk-scarf as a part of the moon-cake gift package of the Mid-autumn festival. 

    The theme this year is ‘Fuxi Pattern’ ( cloth-wrapper pattern), which is a traditional pattern that appears on some ancient ceramics and architecture. In China, ‘Fu’ shares the same pronunciation as' lucky. Thus Fuxi’ pattern( cloth-wrapper pattern) means wrap the lucky.
  • I chose the Qing dynasty style Dougong in Chinese architectural structure as the main element. Dougong is made of wood, which is a unique structure of Chinese architecture and plays a supporting and bearing role in architecture. Spanning 600 years, Dougong symbolizes safety and stability.

    Furthermore, I added ‘Fuxi’ patterns. On the pattern, I chose some more modern styles, such as stripes, checker and dot patterns, which added a modern feeling to the whole picture, symbolizing the Forbidden City is crossing from the ancient to modern times. 
    Finally, auspicious clouds and trees are added, which are also symbols of eternal and auspicious.