Camilla and Marc

  • Camilla and Marc is one of Australia’s most iconic luxury women’s fashion labels. Their philosophy centres around high-end design and construction that allows the wearer to shine through. M35 worked with Camilla and Marc to strategically expand this philosophy and establish how this could be built out to encompass a sports wear line.

    The new sports line is designed around innovation with the central principles of timeless, modern and tailored with an unexpected edge underpinning this.

    Working directly with the founders Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman M35 developed the new sports label identity system. The system centres around a response mark that can change its orientation and configuration to match the spacial dimensions of whichever item it is applied to.

    The word mark utilises a contemporary, customised san-serif typeface that links with the old C&M logo but moves it into a more contemporary space. The rotation of the type inside the mark creates a hierarchy in the typography meaning the C&M is read first, pushing the Camilla and Mark into a secondary, supporting role, despite being set at the same size and weight as the C&M. While the mark is overtly contemporary in its form, it also nods to Camilla and Marc’s heritage through the use of the EST. 2003.

    For the launch of the new brand M35 also collaborated with the Camilla and Marc internal design team to develop the Future Now launch campaign. This project explores and celebrates what’s next through the lens of 12 inspiring women, coming together to imagine an ideal future. Celebrating the power of multiple voices coming together to envisage a new future and embodying the energy of the Camilla and Marc woman.