Rococopunk Costume

  • Rococopunk group at Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball (Myself second from the right)
    Photo by Jerry Abuan
  • For the annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball 2013, I ,along with a group of very talented and creative friends, decided to create a Rococopunk-inspired costume.  Merging the ornate aesthetic of Rococo style with 80's punk, the results were over the top, fun, and extravagant.
  • Quick hand sketch of my Rococopunk Costume.
  • For my costume, I wanted play up the very bright, girly, and ornate aspects of Rococo style to contrast starkly with the punk elements.  The top is a blue brocade corset with gold pyramid studs and oversized gold safety pin closures and frayed plaid trim along the edges.  The skirt is comprised of three layers: a blue and black polka dot panier, a burgundy and black plaid underskirt, and bright iridescent salmon overlayer.  The overlayer is trimmed in gold and black lace and gathered with floral cameo buttons all over.  For my necklace, I designed a cake cameo, which was created out of tooled leather and mounted on a gold metal backing.  The tooled leather collar was painted to match my corset and set with gold spikes.  Layered stockings, skull platforms by Iron Fist, and makeup/hair by Chrissy Lynn completed the look.
  • Costume by me. 
    Photo by Jerry Abuan.
    Makeup and Hair by Chrissy Lynn.
  • Photo by Jerry Abuan. Makeup and Hair by Chrissy Lynn.