Under Armour Portfolio

  • Title: Glory
    Medium: Hand tailored garments
    Year: 2013
    "Glory" is a celebration of the generational effect. Created in homage to Karen Feliz’s late great grandfather, Antonio Abraham Feliz. The artist noticed that all her uncles, aunts and cousins carried pieces of Antonio Abraham that were passed on from the former generation. It was not until his passing in 2009 that Feliz realized his teachings were the medals of honor her family members all carried. Inspired by the dress blue United States Marine Corps uniform, Glory tells us a story about the gifts we all leave behind for someone else to embrace.
  • Each garment embodies the spirit of a specific family memner. The rankings correspond with the level of wisdom that was absorbed and handed down to the next generation. Each garnment is a one of a kind: hand drafted patterns were made to optimize fit. 
  • Title: La Pared
    Medium: Hand painting, shibori, and thiox tachniques on rayon
    Year: 2013
    Inspired by the Japanese Henro(pilgrimage jacket) this piece is a visual collection of one's journey to awakening. The Japanese Henro jacket is experienced differently on the inside and outside; the outside has cultural associations that stands for purity  while the inside is layered with imagery that symbolize awakening. 
    The specific imagery(text, graves, telephone lines, etc.)  used is drawn from my memories; memories that mark a metaphorical journey of transformation. The repetitive layering of imagery does not allow the viewer to separate each component(layer) of the print, but acts as a lens in which to experience the inside of the garment. 

  • Title: Untitled
    Medium: Hand painting, dyeing, embroidery on jersey
    Year: 2012
    Styling project of repurposing clothing. 
  • Title: Mi Seguridad
    Media: Hand painted Silk Organza
    Year: 2012
    Inspired by an Islamic warrior's jacket, Mi Seguridad is the manifestation of my family's protection. Originally the jacket is made to be worn under the uniform and is covered by the words of the Kuran. This two layered transparent garment is meant to be worn as second skin. 
  • The imagery seen stands for my family's collective principle on life. 
  • Title: Backbone
    Medium: Dyed powernet and spandex
    Year: 2013
  • The mirrored image above of roots symbolizes the foundation of a being. Like trees, we have a certain foundation we build our character and principles from.