• A branding and packaging project for Keto - a small carb-free sandwich shop in SoHo New York. Its specialty lies in its bread-less sandwiches, for which customers can replace the buns with options ranging from lettuce to meat. The menu caters to almost any diet, including vegetarain, vegan, paleolithic & ketogenic.
    Below are the take-out bag, sandwich wrapper, juice bottles, employee nametags, labels, take-away recipes, menu and informational booklet.
  • Every 2 months Keto releases a vegetarian, protein-heavy, appetizer and dessert recipe, so that customers can enjoy a ketogenic diet from home too. These come in the form of collectible, give-away recipe cards.
  • An informational booklet on keto, ketosis, and the ketogenic diet.
  • Take-out bags.
  • Employee uniforms from the front and back.