Graphite Drawings

  • "Free Flying" H and B drawing pencils 11"x14", September 2013
  • "The Ugly Truth" H and B drawing pencils 10"x12", February 2013
  • Description: A full value range drawing inspired by the theme of life and death. 
    Note: This piece was selected to be included in the annual Shippensburg University Art Exhibition located in the Kauffman Art Gallery from March 3 until March 28, 2013.
  • "Mlitary Colthing" H and B drawing pencils 11"x17", March 2013
  • Description: A full value range drawing from observation. I created a still life that consisted of military style clothing, including combat boots, physical training shorts, the American flag, military uniform pants, and a military uniform tee shirt.
  • "Hand Drawing" H and B drawing pencils 14"x17", March 2013
  • Description: An observational, full value range drawing of my hand holding fabric and its reflection in a mirror.
  • "Leaf Render" H and B drawing pencls 8"x6", November 2012
  • Description: An observational graphite drawing of a leaf.