• In this series I explore the constructed nature of femininity by enacting a performance of the female gender as an alien in public and private spaces. By placing my inescapably gendered body in awkward re-enactments of gender tropes, I attempt to step outside myself for a moment and shed the skin that has been assigned to me. Naturally, there is some “slippage” that occurs in this act- although I am attempting a naive portrayal of the fallacies of gender assignation, the very fact that I am a gendered body and personality inhibits my ability to do so, causing some inevitable overlap of my characters’ knowledge and mine. Instead of ignoring this slippage, I have chosen to embrace and even exploit it by placing my alien alter-ego into situations she would me hard-pressed to navigate on her own, both metaphorically and physically.
    The photos are printed on inkjet transparencies and installed in handmade lightboxes.