The Submarine

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  • "The Submarine" is a 12 page children's book that I wrote and illustrated as a final for Drawing 2. The story is about three elementary school students who go adventuring on the first day of summer vacation. They find a submarine and explore an underwater world and make plans to go back in a few days. The story is light-hearted and fun, and the 3 girls are based off of me and two of my closest friends. After going through a few rough patches in our lives that impacted our friendship, I felt an overwhelming desire to return to the simplicity of childhood-- that innocent state of mind where beauty and wonder lie at every turn, where your backyard feels miles wide and can be transformed into a lava pit, given enough imagination. Since time machines don't exist, I made this book for us, and for other "grown-ups" who wish to be young again and for their children as another means of exploration.
    This book is hand bound, but will eventually be digitalized with a few copies produced.