A Cacaphony of Loneliness

  • Acrylic Paint, Digital Photography, Typography, Collage
    30" x 20"
    This painting is a self-portrait on so many different levels. This piece is perhaps my most thought-out, intuitive, conscious work. I took the photographs of myself in various poses to represent the various sides of me, since I am very shy. The fact that I'm wearing my signature pink wig also shows how other people see me. I placed my faces in a grid-like, almost mathematical layout over a painting I made of a galaxy. The void of outer space represents the fact that I'm really all alone in my personality, even though I have a twin sister. However, the multiple me's show that I don't need to fit in to enjoy time by myself. When I actually am around other people, they're often shocked by my zany personality, hence the silly caricatures I painted on my personalities. The words floating around also provide a scientific "classification" to my personality and attitude towards life. I don't think I'll walk alone forever, not with all this identity.