Costa Rica


    These illustrations reflect my trip to Costa Rica highlighting some of the places that amazed me from such a beautiful country. There is as well the stories of people that I met during my staying and a little compilation of myths and tales that can only be heard in Costa Rica.
    Hummingbirds flying so close to me that at some point they make me feel like one of them
    In the beach of Samara, I saw a whale for the first time.
  • FROG
    Me and the bad habit of touching what I should not. Bothering everyone around me, including the animal.
    Directions in Costa Rica aren't easy.
    Tortuguero is an island where nature punch you in the face. Life is everywhere and is exuberant and exotic.
    Rhonda is the story of a woman I met that she offered her womb to a family that wasn't able to conceive, bringing happiness to other at her own cost.
  • ARMY
    After the end of the war in 1948, Costa Rica decided to shut down its army. That year too, a law against African-American was banned and women was allowed to vote for the first time. The money that used to go to the army, was put into education and protection of the environment. It's like many good things happened after the army disappeared. ​​​​​​​
    La Fortuna is a town besides the Arenal Volcano and own its name because in its last eruption, the wind avoided the destruction of the town because it was going in the opposite direction. 
    They are a mystery spread all over Costa Rica. Perfect spheres made of solid rock that can be huge done by the aboriginals of the land. They are declare universal heritage of humanity by UNESCO and are proudly protected by the Costa Ricans.
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