Editorial Illustration Colfuturo


    Colfuturo is an entity from Colombia that helps students find universities to continue studies around the world. I was contacted by them to do some illustrations for the new website. Here the process.

    The first illustration idea was to show the diversity of Colombia through its people and nature. The concept was to show that Colfuturo will give the tools to students to become better helping them looking the best colleges around the world and giving them scholarships to study. So I create an image that translate that using different ethnicities flying with wings that are made of feathers from different birds, leafs and seeds of Colombia. The feathers where given by Colfuturo so the students will fly over Colombia to spread their knowledge. The color palette was given by the entity.

    The next illustration idea was kind of similar, another way to show how Colfuturo works as a bridge for students who want to study abroad. In this case I represented Colfuturo as giant hands that work as a connection from one side to the other and where students are able to walk over. The hands also represent the many things that the entity can do for their prospects. and how smooth the process of finding a college abroad can be. I was able to choose the color palette.

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