Sanar para Sanarme

  • SANAR PARA SANARME (Heal others to heal myself)
    This was a nice concept to work with. The person who contact me wanted a logo for an app she was developing that aims to help people with food disorders. Being a person who suffered from that in the past, she wanted to create the app to help others to overcome this terrible disorder. 
    "Not all will see the same in the reflection of the mirror"
    A person with food disorder usually won't see a pretty image of themselves in the mirror. No matter how thin they are, they will see the opposite. So as an icon of the logo I thought of a swan reflected in the water. However the reflection is being distorted by waves and is  also in the opposite direction. The swan also make reference to the story of the Ugly Duckling.
    I was asked to do an illustration to be part of the image of the app and other media. So I thought on a place that feels calm. The mountain connotes overcoming and there is also the mirror part.
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