Species of the World

  • Species of the World

    This is a personal project in which I want to show all the animals that exist in the world, ALL THE ANIMALS!. 
    All the species included its subspecies. For example, many of us know that there are 5 species of rhinoceros. However, not so many know that there are 17 subspecies among those five. 
    The purpose of this project is to study to show later my favorite topic. All under the philosophy that it is impossible to take care of the things we don't know exist. So I want to introduce you in a friendly way to all the animals all over the world. 

    These are examples of the images I put on Instagram. They have information as the scientific name, the year that it was discovered, where to find it, size, population history and most important, conservation status.
    Tumblr allows me to give more information about the animal as state the differences between the subspecies and write some additional information about the animal.
    I have done poster of the animal for sell here. The posters are in different sizes and can be shipped worldwide. They are just awesome¡ and on the other hand, support the time and effort that I spend sharing this information.
    My dream will be to make collectible stickers with them. So far I enjoy this project because satisfy my curiosity to animals and takes my hobby to a more serious level
  • Some Drawings
    Because some of the animals were extinct even before they were photographed, some references are really hard to find and some times the resolution and quality is not the best, so is not a great reference that I have to make a good drawing. Anyway, mostly of the are just really good.
  • The goal so far is to make all mammals which are about 4000 species. However, if I finish them I will continue with the other classes. Thank you for your support and follow these links (Species of the World on Instagram, and Species, Clement Van Burden Chronicles on Tumblr) to keep track on this project and know more about the animals you love the most and also why not to help me gather information about them. The idea is that all people who is interested in animals can give some input on the ones they loved the most, so we all learn.

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