Olinda City Booklet/Poster

  • Olinda City Booklet/Poster
    a booklet of type manipulation for the city of Olinda, from Italo Calvino's novel Invisible Cities
    This project was aimed at exploring various ways to manipulate typography to depict the city of Olinda, as described below in an excerpt from Italo Calvino's novel Invisible Cities:
    "In Olinda, if you go out with a magnifying glass and hunt carefully, you may find somewhere a point no bigger than the head of a pin which, if you look at it slightly enlarged, reveals within itself the roofs, the antennas, the skylights, the gardens, the pools, the streamers across the streets, the kiosks in the squeares, the horse-racing track. That point does not remain there: a year later you will find it the size of half a lemon, then as large as a mushroom, then a soup plate. And then it becomes a full-size city, enclosed within the earlier city: a new city that forces its way ahead in the earlier city and presses its way toward the outside. 
    Olinda is certainly not the only city that grows in concentric circles, like tree trunks which each year add one more ring. But in other cities there remains, in the center, the old narrow girdle of the walls from which the withered spires rise, the towers, the tiled roofs, the domes, while the new quarters sprawl around them like a loosened belt. Not Olinda: the old walls expand bearing the old quarters with them, enlarged but maintaining their proportions an a broader horizon at the edges of the city; they surround the slightly newer quarters, which also grew up on the margins and became thinner to make room for still more recent ones pressing from inside; and so, on and on, to the heart of the city, a totally new Olinda which, in its reduced dimensions retains the features and the flow of lymph of the first Olinda and of all the Olindas that have blossomed one from the other; and within this innermost circle there are always blossoming—though it is hard to discern them—the next Olinda and those that will grow after it."
    It was completed before the Olinda identity project and served as a way to better understand the city. The booklet folds out into a poster on the reverse side, to represent the growing nature of Olinda.
  • additional project info
    dimensions (w × h)  8 in × 8 in booklet, 16 in × 48 in as poster
    typography  several various in booklet, Univers 55 Roman on poster 
    creation date  September 2012