MK Identity (Self Promotion)

  • MK Identity (Self Promotion)
    Using my then-current logomark (made of pieces of one square), I created a self-promotional packet for an internship/job fair held at MICA. The folder opens up, revealing a reiteration of the logomark, with the M as the left pocket and the K as the flap that holds the business card. The same mark used as the M in the logomark is used as the E, M and W in email, mobile and website on the back of the business card. A thick yellow card stock is sandwiched between two thinner pieces of white card stock to produce a weighty business card. Inside the left pocket is my résumé. 
  • additional project info
    dimensions (w × h)  3.5 in × 1 in business card, 9 in × 11.5 in folder (closed)
    typography  Gotham Book, Light, Light Italic and Medium, Memphis Medium and Light
    creation date  March 2012