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  • Between Tradition & Modernity: "The Contemporary Traditional Art of Anita Yan Wong" 2021 Art Book 
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  • "Between Tradition & Modernity: The Contemporary Traditional art of Anita Yan Wong" 

    features over 70 “Contemporary Traditional” paintings by Asia American artist Anita Yan Wong – one of today's most Internationally celebrated contemporary Lingnan artists by the Millennial Art media. The artist is a 4th generation Lingnan painter, known for her expressive brush strokes and unique style of contemporary traditional painting, the artist works are currently featured Internationally on over 50 Traditional and Hip Cultural Blogs & Magazines. 

    The body of work in this book is organized in three main chapters: pure ink, color ink and conceptual non-ink Featuring over 70 Contemporary Traditional paintings, drawn from both the private collection and the artist's own collection, the finest and representational are selected and presented in this art book.Between Tradition & Modernity blurs the boundaries between traditional and contemporary; east and west.

    The extraordinary paintings in this book demonstrate the reinvigoration of classical techniques and materials, fine art with a blend of west and east, along with contemporary perspectives and illuminating artist interviews situate these new works within the rich history of Lingnan school of painting, revealing the development of the unique “ Contemporary Traditional” arts and reveals the new trends of Lingnan art in the 21st Century. With artist biographies and handsome reproductions of many previously unpublished paintings, this book is essential for scholars and collectors of Asian art as well as for participants in the increasingly globalized contemporary art scene.
  •  🎊🎊🎊 A total of 141 pages features over 70 Contemporary Traditional paintings dating from 2016 to the present. (please note: the new update version is available Jan 7th ,2021)
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