Sebophagids Poster

  • Sebophagids Poster
    a scope visualization of my graphic design degree project at MICA
    I was somehow pulled into a fascination with the idea that everyday household objects we do not think twice about could be personified and classified as a newly discovered class of organisms. I set out to first study these creatures in the field and to publicly document my findings in a field guide. This idea led to my initial MICA degree project idea: "An illustrated field guide to Sebophagids." The identity I gave to this body of organisms is stated in the poster and again, below, for clarity:
    "SEBOPHAGIDS — The fairly large taxonomic group of sebophilic macrosyntherids of the family Sebophagidae, identified by their mutualistic service-resource relationship with the terminal hair of humans (Homo sapiens). [from the Latin sebo- = “sebum” phag- = “eating,” and -id = “belonging to, connected with, member of a group or class.”]"
    This poster served as a visual direction of the rest of the project, which eventually evolved into an even larger monster (as shown in the project called "Recent Projects of the Macrosyntherid Research Group" in my portfolio). 
  • additional project info
    dimensions (w × h)  18 in × 24 in 
    typography  Futura Medium, Heavy and Light, Clarendon Roman and Bold, New Baskerville Roman, Italic, Small Caps and Bold Small Caps
    creation date  February 2013