Pari Delicto 2 ~ Part Two

  • Print Size: 26" x 33"
    Seven Versions : One Hundred Sixty Two Iterations
    Part two of this series focuses on the introduction of the Rabbit and Verrocchio Madonna.
    Originally I wanted to create detailed studies of the head and hands. Unfortunately the source material use for the ballerina figure was very low-res and did not provide enough information to work form. I used Verrocchio’s Marie Avec Enfant (1450) as an alternative to the existing portrait. The Verrocchio Madonna did not have a halo; it was added as a way to insulate the portrait from the environment. Soon after the halo appeared the pallet moved away from color. Act Two had found its own matrix relying on the printmaking vocabulary of aquatint and intaglios. 
    Once the rabbit appeared it seemed to form an instant connection with the figure.  From this point forward the figure and the rabbit would not change. Instead the environment around them would.
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  • Version Two : Iteration Seventeen
  • Version Two Combo : Iteration Three
  • Version Two 'D' : Iteration Twelve
  • Version Two 'D' : Iteration Nineteen
  • Version Two 'D'  : Iteration Twenty One
  • Version Two 'D' : Iteration Twenty Four