Guaíba's Margin: Urban Furniture

  • Guaíba Lake's Margin: Urban Furniture

    It's an academic project made in 2010 with the partnership of Cássio Schmitz Felin
    . This Urban Furniture was projected to be used with the Porto Alegre's Wayfinding System and to be applied in the Guaíba lake's margin, which is a really important lake in Porto Alegre's history.
    The Urban Furniture that appears below is comprised by a bench with back support, a bench without back support, a drinking fountain, a trash can, and a bike rack.
    As you can see, the organic frame was the main inspiration for the construction of this system. Some of the keywords used in the project: biodiversity, water and Guaíba's sunset.
  •     Urban Furniture: Family
  •     Urban Furniture: Bench with Back Support
  •     Urban Furniture: Bench without Back Support
  •     Urban Furniture: Bike Rack
  •     Urban Furniture: Drinking Fountain
  •     Urban Furniture: Trash Can