Meat Suit Treasure Map

  • This is the outcome of a 48-hour Blitz with Future PartnersJohn Bielenberg and Greg Galle. This project was done in collaboration with Amanda Allen, Mira Azarm, Becky Chen, and Lauren Weinstein. The prompt was: What iconic thing we could do to better engage our partners in positive change? We were focused on finding and testing ways to disrupt conversational norms and create a dialogue with people from different Baltimore communities. We were given the random word combination of: Meat Suit Treasure Map during one of the ideation sessions. The team decided to turn this into a participatory game inviting conversation and dialogue, and Meat Suit Treasure Map v.01 was born. I worked on the branding of MSTM.

    This project was developed under the instruction of John Bielenberg and Greg Galle while at Maryland Institute College of Art. Fall 2012
  • Process
  • Blitz prompt: What iconic thing could we do to better engage our partners in positive change?
  • Think Wrong presentation from Future Parners
  • Think Wrong wording exercise
  • Logo and swag design
  • Twitter for the event
  • Meat suit in action!
  • Engaging with people!
  • Watch our video! (Video credit: Becky Chen)