Windgate Fellowship

  • Through explorations of materiality and tactility, my work comments on the concept of shared spaces and connections. I search for connections between others and myself and find community in this way. I mainly make objects, in which I incorporate function through either the object itself or an implied action.  Additionally, I integrate a personal domestic history, especially connected to my mother and grandmothers.  This personal domestic history as well as my interest in the function of objects is based primarily in craft. I’m drawn and connected to the process and materiality of the rag rug, the quilt as art object, and the community formed by a knitting circle. Sustainability as a general concept is woven into the fabric of my being and consumption/waste is an important consideration for me.
  • Ode to Carrots
    Mx-dyed cotton, natural-dyed (carrot) wool doublecloth weaving. 2013
  • Ceremony of Space
    Ceremonial sweaters, knitted yardage, knitting needles. 2012
  • Shared Space
    Digital print. 2012.
  • August 29, 2012 - November 29, 2012
    Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD
    Felt, canvas, glue. ​6'X4'. 2012. 
  • Square and Round (Reflection and Reiteration)
    Collages made in response to Lenore Tawney's work. Found paper, muslin, linen thread, acrylic paint, coffee, corks. Approx 8' X 3'. 2012.
  • Snap
    Muslin, thread, snaps. 2011
  • Scrapped
    Quilt made from a semester's worth of unaltered muslin scraps. Approx 5' X 5'. 2012.
  • "Cyanotype"
    Shibori cotton dyed in indigo. 2011