The Moment In Which

  • The image of sadness, the rebirth of emotion as subject, and the manner in which it lingers after the original triggers are the departure points for The Moment in Which. The idea that emotion, as a personal dysfunction, should not be publicly displayed is resurrected and preserved in these portraits. In using the camera as a tool to embrace, the beauty of experiencing moments of natural discomfort are observed by the viewer and relived by the subject.

    In operating on the threshold between sadness and rebirth, at the space rarely touched, a point of tension is created between past and present. Each subject I photograph shares a unique and life-altering experience: the saddest moment of his or her life or an experience that has shaped him or her as a unique individual. In recalling these emotions, a rebirth occurs. Sadness and struggle are acts we absorb repeatedly before we fall into the regress of our own experience and this series pays homage to those moments.

    One of my subjects described her struggle in coping with her friend's suicide at the age of thirteen, whereas another subject sat down and opened up about being arrested for DUI and confined for three days. To collect photographs of these moments relived: the tearing and weeping toward sadness is also to prepare and rehearse, for their return in the act of observation.