Queeny Series ~ The Crown

  • Print SIze: 28.5" x 31"
    Production Dates 10-13 / 10-23
    Series Total - TenVersions : Seventy Two Iterations

    The basic image consisted of a “skinned” (a disassembled and flattened) Marlboro box three wide. The image was lifted from the unpublished Halos and Bunnies Series, and transplanted into Queeny. The crown appears as a result of the flip top box packaging being placed side by side.

    The first association I made with the crown was Queen Elizabeth II. I looked for portraits of the Queen until I found an engraving on sale at Christie’s. It was test print for a British stamp which featured a much younger Queen. Once the stamp portrait was integrated I realized this could be a perfect follow up to the JFK Series.

    Initially I wanted to take possession of the Queen’s portrait by rebuilding it immediately. I stopped because it felt artificial … forced, besides the properness of the untouched portrait served as an anchor while I investigated what to do with the environment. Eventually the portrait became fair game. It was handled along with everything else while keeping the portraits sensibility. 
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    The Crown   |     Two Hearts
  • Version One : Iteration Twelve
  • Version Four : Iteration Eighteen  
  • Version Eight : Iteration Two
  • Version Seven : Iteration Two
  • Version Six : Iteration Six
  • Version Eight : Iteration One
  • Version Six : Iteration Two
  • Version Eight  : Iteration Six