Spatial Translation: The Unconscious Mind

  • GD1 Spatial Translation
     I chose to represent the liminal space in between the conscious and unconscious mind, and focused primarily on the fact that the unconscious mind creates one’s perceptions through the “data” collected by the conscious mind. I chose to create a wooden box with slotted wooden panels with transferred images inside, which, when placed in succession, reveals the word “unconscious” spanning the panels. The interaction with the panels is a large part of the space, where the viewer experiences the process of “piecing together” the panels in the correct order and orientation for an intended reading, yet still having the freedom to move the panels around in any fashion. The images within the panels as well as the wood of the panels showing through in places, represents the construction that occurs within this space. I utilized pictures of construction materials as well as created images to represent this idea. The end product with the packaged panels represents this space, symbolizing the unconscious mind’s location – deeper within our minds, or in this case packaged within a box.
  • individual panels: