Paperboat Sailor - Poster and Title Design

  • These are the first set of explorations that I drew from the keywords given to me. Mystery, Eerie and Playful were three of the main ones. Balancing the Child-like feel of the film as well as the mysterious side of it was the crucial aspect of the imagery.
  • Option 1 - Full Poster. 
  • Option 1 ( Closeup )
  • This option was a little too detailed and intricate to Nihar's Liking. The next approach was a much cleaner and neat version.
  • A few closeups of Option -2.
  • Full view of Option - 2.
  • Apart from the poster I worked on the title design for the film taking the same keywords ahead. 
  • I have used an existing font for " PAPERBOAT " as it suited the context the best. And I tried to get the child-like & playful character through the word " sailor ".
  • The colours are based on the tone and mood of some screenshots from the film
  • Finally I put together the title design and the poster digitally and gave the poster some texture and colour in order to give it some depth and finesse.
  • Final poster with the title.
    Thank you !