Super Bowl XLI

  • Super Bowl XLI
    South Florida
  • Program Direction and Management for the National Football League

    In partnership with Infinite Scale and an assembled team, SUBJECTMATTER was responsible for the overall management and direction of the Look of 5 Super Bowls. The theme for the 2006-2007 Season,
    was "One Game, One Dream," and the focus of the game was the power of one. There is only one game that matters, one dream, and one champion. The look of the game was largely based on two locally dominant colors, blue for the ocean and sky and orange for the sun and sand. The Roman numeral "I" in XLI is in fact the orange, end-zone pylon, symbolizing that one effort that could win the Super Bowl. One big logistical effort for Super Bowl XLI was dealing with the reality of a site that was in the middle stages of a major renovation.