Super Bowl XL

  • Super Bowl XL
    Detroit, MI
  • Program Direction & Management for the National Football League

    In partnership with Infinite Scale and an assembled team, SUBJECTMATTER was responsible for the overall management and direction of the Look of 5 Super Bowls. The theme for the 2005-2006 Season, 'The Road to Forty" culminated in The Motor City -Detroit, MI, at Ford Field. "The Road to Forty" celebrated the season-long struggle to get to the championship game, as well as the historical benchmarks and record moments of the American and National Conferences. The muscle car stripe graphic was one of the most important design elements in this system because its meaning runs so deep. It provided motion and action as it related to the city of Detroit's auto culture and became a celebratory ribbon that showcased the pageantry of the 40th Anniversary of Super Bowl.