The Kitchen Cheatsheet

  • The Kitchen Cheatsheet- A Dummy's Guide to the Kitchen
    This is not an A-Z guide to the kitchen, but one that presents the experience of setting
    up and running a kitchen in an informal manner. I have used glimpses of humor and
    unpredictability to enhance the experience of preparing to set up a kitchen for the first time.
  • The set includes 3 books- Plan, Shop,List and 1 introduction card
  • A foldout page with a tearout list of all the basic utensils and appliances
  • A foldout page talking about the right way to store food in a fridge
  • The lonely, happy and overfilled fridge- inside illustration of the foldout page
  • This book comes along with 2 kinds of tearout lists. Monthly lists with pre written
    basic things to buy and Express lists for the shorter shopping trips