• DeLonghi
    40’x70’Houswares property
  • DeLonghi is an affordable; but, fun and contemporaryhousewares manufacturer.  They viewtheir brand as bringing the Italian sensibility of good, innovative design toeveryone.
    DeLonghi products belong in thehome and have the ability to be displayed as other furnishings and accessorieswithin.  The floorplan became a mixof retail and loft-like living experience with distinct kitchen, coffee-bar,and lounging areas, each of which showcased product as and on sculpture.  Space was kept open and structuresremained as forms with their own identities, as DeLonghi products have.  a feature was the custom 20’t Medusalight lounge which had the ability to display 3 products and draw visitors fromall parts of the showfloor. Short of turning them to stone, it certainly stopped them in their tracks.