Nokia Comdex 2002

  • Nokia Comdex 2002
    60’x80’ tradeshow property
  • The focus of this exhibit was to bring to the forefront the newest innovationfrom Nokia, a phone which would be the equivalent of the jump from radio totelevision for mobile communication. The 3650 could take color photos and send them over the wirelessnetwork. It was a new messengerwhich carried with it pictures worth a thousand words.
    Whileproviding an explicitly Nokia experience: fun, colorful (but also featuring white), simple, and innovative, inspiration was also drawnfrom the very important “change fr: radio to television”. Because Nokia had 3 distinct businesssegments to present, (Enterprise, Developers, and Wireless Products) the propertywas created around Red, Blue, and Green -the colors of light thatmake up video imagery. To bringthis imagery to life, 9’tall 3650 models were placed in each of these 3 areasw/ 50” plasma screens inside. Visitors could take photos on the showfloor and send them to the largephone screens.  Nokia reps. weredoing the same around town during the event.  The idea soon proved the photo-diary quality of this leap incommunication and a tradeshow experience that broke outside the walls of the convention center.