MICA Five Featured Works


    Knorr Ballerina  9" x  13"
    Five Versions :  Seventy Seven Iterations
    Selected 10-25-12
    Knorr Ballerina is part of a group of images that were made with a 72 hour time constraint. The goal was to produce works that would build form in an economical fashion, quick and simple. The works contained in the Collection Decorative all share a similar spirit.
    -----------------------------------------   COLLECTION  DÉCORATIVE   ----------------------------------------- 
    Knorr Ballerina    |   Monkey Three    |    Octo 
  • Ballerina Twinkies 'Doubles' 18" x  24"
    Six Versions : One Hundred Iterations
    Ballerina Twinkies Double original version failed to deliver on several important levels and required serious retooling. I decided to continue the exploration of unfolded candy packages as “skins” or containers, into the new piece. This became a core focus for the reinvented “Twinkie Ballerina”. 
    -----------------------------------------   BALLERINA  TWINKIE  COLLECTION   ----------------------------------------- 
    Ballerina Twinkies  |  Ballerina Twinkies Doubles 

  • Napoleon Monkey 18" x  24"
    Three Versions : Thirty Six Iterations
    Selected 12-16-12

    Napoleon Monkey simply arrived at a destination. Over the course of a series life avenues are discovered, pursued, abandoned, rediscovered and then amalgamated until there is simply nothing left to explore. Once an image reaches the state where it has to become radically different from its beginning I simple abandoned it.
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    -----------------------------------------   NAPOLEON  TO  DEKOONING   ----------------------------------------- 
    Napoleon Monkey     |     Pin-Up deKooning     |    The Susans   |   The Rachaels   |    Solo Susans

  • The JFK Transformations 18" x 24"
    Series Total - Twelve Versions : Two Hundred Eighty Five Iterations
    Selected 1-19-13

    The wreath on (Emperor) Napoleon’s head started to remind me of Kennedy’s presidential portrait. Eventually I decided to use the Kennedy portrait. It was cropped above the eyebrows (so there was no top to the head) in order to align the new portrait with the old one. Much to my surprise I found the combined portrait was more charged (contextually) then either could be independently. 

    -----------------------------------------   NAPOLEON JFK MONKEY SERIES   ----------------------------------------- 
    Napoleons  |  JFK Transformations  |  Conculsion  |   Selected Failures 

  • Napoleon, JFK and Conclusion [Selected Failures]  18" x 24"
    Series Total - Twelve Versions : Two Hundred Eighty Five Iterations
    Selcected 5-4-13

    As a piece matures there becomes a need (for me) to introduce unexpected elements. Keeping a work fresh involves shaking up (your own) sensibilities, pursuing improbable paths to force a different response from yourself. This collection contains examples that were completely misguided within the series but are interesting as standalones.

    -----------------------------------------   ​NAPOLEON JFK MONKEY SERIES   ----------------------------------------- 
    Napoleons  |  JFK Transformations  |  Conculsion  |   Selected Failures