Queeny Series ~ Two Hearts

  • Print Size: 18" x 24"
    Production Dates 11-15 / 12-9
    Series Total - Three Versions : Seventy Nine Iterations

    The original Queeny series was broken into two major acts. The Crown represents the first half of the series and features only the Queen. Elizabeth is the second half, noted by the appearance of the duel portraits. Two Hearts happened later I used it to test out some new directions I am considering for a larger series arc entitled Versus.

    I explored several concepts during Two Hearts development. In order to keep my focus on integrating new ideas into my existing framework I decided to use a singular image from the second act of the series to prevent the portraits from becoming a focus.

    A dominate theme in my new work is the appropriation of artists. I decided to explore artist from the seventies, to use (as fuel for the works) in addition to abstract expressionism. Recently my works have needed reinforcing to keep them from decaying into gibberish, (the structure and vacancy of) color field works could provide this.
      --------------------------------------------------  QUEENY SERIES  --------------------------------------------------  
    The Crown     |     Two Hearts
  • Version Two : Iteration Three (Re-Mastered)
  • Version Two : Iteration One (Re-Mastered)
  • Version Two: Iteration Six (Re-Mastered)
  • Version One B : Iteration Thirteen (Early Versus Series)
  • Version Two: Iteration Seven (Re-Mastered)
  • Version One B : Iteration Nine (Early Versus Series)
  • Version One B : Iteration Six (Early Versus Series)
  • Version One A: Iteration Seven (Poster)
  • Version One A: Iteration Thirty Four (Poster)
  • Version One A: Iteration Ten (Poster)