Animals of India

  • I created this book as a gift for a friend after learning he had taken a trip to India over winter break but was too busy to see the sights. India's wildlife is some of my favorite, and I keep a strict daily regimen of studies (usually wildlife studies), why not combine the two in an affectionate gesture? I made this book in the Spring of 2013, on top of an already overloaded course schedule. Filling 26 pages with art was easy; the difficulty lay in creating a wholly designed object--everything, font, icons, patterns, and layout --then assembling it by hand for a one of a kind, precious art object.
  • Front and back endpages sport a pattern of my hexagonal avatar (my "signature") in interwoven vines. Special effort was made so that It wouldn't tile on an orthographic grid, setting it apart from most digitally created patterns.
  • In addition to a brief address to the giftee in the front endpaper, I further embellished the book with lotus shaped annotations, which also feature the font I designed for the project.
  • The book acquired some minor but visible wear during assembly, it was my first bookmaking project.
  •  Once assembled, as a final touch I wrapped it in the tiling geometric pattern I designed for the cover, with my winking hexagon square center on the front for embellishment.
  • Skillsets
    Pattern Design
    Created two patterns: one vector, geometric, regularly tiling; the other raster, organic, purposely designed not to tile orthographically.
    Icon Design
    Created vector 9 icons, one for each of the animals appearing within.
    Hand Lettering
    Hand lettered title
    Designed internal font inspired by region's hand painted signage.
    Wildlife Illustration
    Design for Print
    Assembling it all, cover, endpapers, wrapper, annotations
  • Currently exploring mass print options for 2014. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!
  • © Aaminah Cole 2013-4