PAO: Pena-Ajena Oekaki

  • PAO was essentially a digital speakeasy I operated out the back of my first portfolio site; a secret club I hosted for a small gathering of artfriends. 
    Oekaki Poteto is a PHP/MySQL based drawing program that can be installed to sites.The private oekaki board was my attempt to provide for our love of secrecy and need for a place to loosen up and do our thing unjudged. 
  • "Abandon hope" etc
  • PAO's landing page with "Blue Banana" skin. First post! art by Emma (noomi). notice how the timer (usually displayed in top bar) is removed.
  • Draw screen with customized preview image. I replaced the default preview and worksafe preview images for mature content as well.
  • swatches
  • A brief chronology of banners.
  • As a final touch, I added in a nonsense wordfilter. I didn't announce it to anyone, which made things extra confusing/hilarious 
  • Modifications & Augmentations:
    Fully reskinned Oekaki interface with my original "Blue Banana" theme
    Replaced canvas and mature content previews
    Removed timer
    Removed "join" button
    Animated Flash banner (simple sound) and static header
  • Skillsets:
    -PHP: themeing, modification of timer and "join" option, added wordfilter
    -MySQL Databases: encryption; transfer; modifying values
    -Photo retouching
    -Collaged imagery
    -User Interface