Conjugal: Poetry Illustration

  • Conjugal
    Written By Russell Edson
    A man is bending his wife. He is bending her 
    around something that she has bent herself 
    around. She is around it, bent as he has bent 

    He is convincing her. It is all so private. 

    He is bending her around the bedpost. No, he 
    is bending her around the tripod of his camera. 
    It is as if he teaches her to swim. As if he teaches 
    acrobatics. As if he could form her into something 
    wet that he delivers out of one life into another. 

    And it is such a private thing the thing they do. 

    He is forming her into the wallpaper. He is 
    smoothing her down into the flowers there. He is finding 
    her nipples there. And he is kissing her pubis there. 

    He climbs into the wallpaper among the flowers. And 
    his buttocks move in and out of the wall.