• Ex Libris
    A Field Guide to the Secret Library
  • Ex Libris is a field guide to a fictional, mysterious library. 
    I did the design, photography, copywriting and binding. 

    From the Introduction:
    "In your hands, you hold the key to a secret collection— the strange, mysterious books unavailable and unknown to the casual library patron. These books, whose existence a sworn librarian will readily deny, are not found on any shelf nor indexed in any card catalogue system. Rather, these curious texts are hidden away: through secret passages, beneath trap doors and in secret compartments, marked merely by cryptic references and obscure clues. Like a map to a buried treasure, this field guide aims to provide you with a compass to the secret locations, and a hint of contents of the hidden tomes you might discover as you endeavor to illuminate the darkness. But the rest is up to you. We can only point you in the right direction."