2014 Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • "The Burden - Human Mind"
    Steel Wire
    approximately 18"x18"16"
    Side view
  • "The Burden - Human Mind"
    Front view
  • "Goldfish"
    Steel wire, golden metal sheets, and hot glue
  • "Goldfish" details
  • "Hyena"
    Charcoal and conte on paper
  • "Hunters of the Okavango"
    Charcoal and ink on paper
    approxinately 10'x16'
  • Hunters of the Okavango: details
  • "Statically Everchanging"
    Steel wire and steel bars
    Life Size figures (approximately 5'8" tall)
  • "Statiaclly Everchanging"
  • "Man in Nature"
    Transparent tape on steel wire
    Life size