• About Words
    Advising Instructors : Sandra Maxa + Mark Sanders
    This is a book-series composed of 5 individual books, which narrate a story called “Words,” by John A. McCaffrey. The story revolves around an anonymous couple and takes place inside the woman’s apartment. In summary, the woman left to order pizza for dinner while the man was left alone in the apartment. After glancing around her living room, the man noticed her diary and proceeded to read it. Her diary consisted of English word entries. Next to words are their Chinese equivalences, and then their definitions in English. Having browsed through her diary, he noticed that her three most recent entries were words spoken by him: possessive, resolve, and content. 

    I designed and bounded my books with the goal of emulating the pages of a diary, both in terms of look and feel. For this reason, I exposed my baseline grid, put a date on each spread on the upper left corner, and used an off-white paper for printing. I divided the narrative story into five parts: the beginning, the “possessive” part, the “resolve” part, the “content” part, and the ending, in order to focus on each part individually. To design these books, I utilized expressive typography and photography to communicate the story.
  • Book 1 : it is in the apartment
  • Book 2 : possessive 
  • Book 3 : Resolve
  • Book 4 : Content
  • Book 5 : He closes the notebook
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