Retrieval Failure

  • Memory is central to the human condition in that it enables us to catalogue and respond to personal experiences, providing us with a sense of context and identity. My work is concerned with the limits and weaknesses of memory and its ability to deceive us, making certain events seem disproportionately significant, shrouding over others, and handing us a personalized understanding of experience which sometimes only straddles the line of truthful reality.
    In these works I painted from memory, exaggerating and distorting recalled subjects and spaces which were of personal significance, and in some cases using paint to physically “cover up” troubling memories. In this way, I explore methods by which paint can document the processes of both remembering and forgetting. 
  • The Monster
  • The Conversation
  • Room in Red
  • Alignment
  • 340 
  • The Mouth
  • The Conversation II
  • The Pull
  • Moon