Competitive Scholarship 2014

  • "Titan Arum" 
    Materials: stoneware, epoxy, acrylic, and spar urethane
    This piece measures 16" wide by 16" deep by 28" tall and is a stylistic representation of the plant Amorphophallus titanum
  • "Camarosaurus lenti egg and Allosaurus fragilis egg"  
    Materials: stoneware, glaze, acrylic, and bees wax
    These models were made to illustrate the differences in egg shapes of different species of dinosaurs
  • "Demon Fighting a Dragon"
    Materials: Adobe Photoshop CS5
    Commission piece
  • "Gargouille Fountain"
    Materials: earthenware, wood, textured acrylic, silicone, rubber tubing, and water pump
    Water fountain that pumps water out of the gargouille's mouth and into the bowl and reservoir below
  • "Pogona vitticeps"
    Materials: stoneware, epoxy, and acrylic
    This piece is a slightly-larger-than-life representation of a bearded dragon
  • "Animatronic Heterodontosaurus tucki"
    Materials: latex, metal frame, acrylic, rooster pelt, wood, Arduino Uno, servos, and PIR sensors
    This interactive piece breathes, responds to the movement, and turns to face the veiwer as they move around the room
  • "Tchothckey Chimera"
    Materials: found objects, stoneware, and acrylic
    A composite creature made from fabricated and found pieces
  • "Study of a Torso"
    Materials: wood and wire armature, modeling clay
    Observational piece sculpted from a nude model
  • "Correlophus ciliatus
    Materials: plasticene, microbeads, rubber, hydrocal, acrylic, and enamel
    Commission for a reptile breeder
  • "Triceratops attcking a young Tyrannosaurus"
    Materials: wire and plaster armature, plasticene
    This piece was based on fossil evidence of this actual altercation taking place