Year 3 (part 1)

  • Marcel Mandeng
    Interdisciplinary Sculpture, Junior
    Returning Student Scholarship Portfolio 2014
  • My Body As A Fence 
    Installation view @ Penthouse Gallery
    Handmade Wooden Lattice Fencing; Custom Brown Paint
    70" x 14" x 30"
    Sculpture reflects Artist's Height, Width & Skin Tone
  • Circus Act VI (Brown Clown) 
    Wig; Face Paint; Lipstick; Screenprinted & Hand-Dyed Silk Organza; Hand-made Clown Costume; Raw Clay

  • Circus Act I (2 Hanging Fruits from Cameroun)
    Handmade Denim Net; 2 Ceramic Prunes, Bisque Fired; Braided Ropes, Fabric; Steel; Wax
    130''  x 15 '' x  17''
    Prunes, staple fruits of Cameroun, are often consumed grilled.
  • Circus Act X (Centre Ring CAmerina)
    Installation view @ Sally's Garden
    Steel; Grided Mesh; Ceramic Saggars; Hair; Rice; Brown Paint; Fabric; Wax; Cast Bronze
    Pangaea of Cameroun & America = CAmerina 
  • Circus Act X (Centre Ring CAmerina)Details
    Left: Circus Act VII ( Shelter)
             Steel; Grided Mesh
    Pangaea of Cameroun & America = CAmerina

    Right: Circus Act IX (Other Forbidden Fruit Hanging) 
    Fabric; Wax; Cast Bronze of 2 Conjoined Figs
    Right: Circus Act VIII (Wandering Feet in Trapeze)
               Ceramic Saggars; Hair & Rice Fired Saggars; Custom Brown Paint
  • The Silence of Mr. M.E.M.N. (1938 - 2012)
    Installation view @ Area 405
    5 Black Chairs; Deconstructed Mattress; Shirt; Bells; Pillow;  Hand Printed Fabric ; Pearls; Felt; Wax; Cast Concrete Mold of Containers ; Belts; Rice; Cast Resin; Ceramic; Plaste Mold of Candles ; Photograph
    The Silence of Mr. M.E.M.N. (1938-2012) sets the stage for an autobiographical narrative of a family as they commemorate the death of a close relative. The memory of a moment in time is represented through a composition of evocative props that allude to mourning rituals. The weight of absence is materialized as a tour of objects in space. 
  • The Silence of Mr. M.E.M.N. (1938 - 2012) Details
    Top Image: Mattress, Chair 1; Shirt, Bells Stitched on Shirt
    Left: Chair 2; Pillow, Screenprinted Fabric , White Pearls Stitched on Pillow
    Center: Chair 3; Plaster Mold of 3 Candles
    Center: Chair 4; Rice, Cast Resin Frame & Erased Photograph,  Blue Ceramic Sword
    Right: Chair 5; Red  Wax poured on Felt; Cast Concrete Backpack, 2 Belts Functioning as Backpack Straps
  • The Silence of Mr. M.E.M.N. (1938 - 2012) Details
    Left: Chair 4 Cast Resin Photo Frame; Shadow; Erased Photograph
    Right: Chair 2 Pillow, Screenprinted Fabric , White Pearls Stitched on Pillow
  • Circus Act IV (B*tch) 
    Steel; Fabric; Brown Wax; Wheels; White Clothing
    Sculpture Prop
  • Circus Act IV (B*tch) Selection of Stills
    Interactive Performance @ ABOX, Leake Hall
    Photos by Chris Williford