Competitive Scholarship 2014

  • SETI Motion Graphic
    Processing, 2013
    In order to rebrand SETI (The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence) Institute, I used Processing to generate new forms to be used as an ever-changing logo to match their constant search for life. With Processing, I was able to map the frequencies of the WOW! signal (a mysterious signal from deep-space) onto a planet-like form.
  • clip from mapping the WOW! signal frequencies
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  • ZIG
    experimental alphabet combining 2D forms with 3D
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  • ROT Magazine
    ROT magazine is an art and culture magazine with a heart of mold. Aimed at young adults, ROT chronicles up-and-coming artists, designers, and their surrounding world. All the fun of a supermarket tabloid, but packed with thought-provoking content.
    ROT wishes to inform, provoke, and enlighten its readers through art and its subcultures.
  • exerpts from ROT Magazine