MICA Competitive Scholarship 2014 Animation

  • First time trying low polygon landscape. I used a render engine called, quicksilver which enabled me to create bold wireframes and saturated color. All fitting to my aesthetic as an animator.
  • The low polygon landscape on 3ds Max. The various rings dictate the path of the cameras and the lights. The cameras are in blue (cameras( while the light sources are in yellow (the diamonds).
  • Low polygon environments interest me due to their minimalistic quality while showing a lot of details.
  • Low polygons also had a very unique was when interacting with different light sources. Some polygons had an awesome sheen when the light hit it just right.
  • The final product has all the 2D planes seamlessly connected together to create a stable 3D printable model.
  • Icy Desert Terrarium. 3D print ready. Made with 3ds Max.