MICA Coursework 2013-2014

  • Historical Garment on a Budget.  1882 English Dinner Dress made from thrift store curtains-- $20 and 20 hours.
  • My Dream of Jeannie, Successful Kickstarter project that involved building a bottle set for a reimagined version of the 1960's television show, crafting costumes and soliciting new episodes, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1636941444/my-dream-of-jeannie, Spring 2013
  • Costumes for My Dream of Jeannie Kickstarter project.  The Jeannie costume was hand-built.  The astronaut jumpsuit (Major Nelson) was purchased from NASA.
  • Glam Rock Jumpsuit, Sculptural Forms project and costume for dance performance exploring the rock persona (Ilana Silverstein, Dancer) Fall 2013
  • Spooning, Double bed quilt top, coursework for Elements of Visual Thinking II, Fall 2013,
    54" x 75"
  • Wedding Cake, Plaster and cloth, response to Sculptural Forms assignment to radically transform a toolbox made in previous assignment, Fall 2013, 48" X 30" X 30"
  • Hand-Me-Down Bowl, Sculptural Forms final project, Fall 2013, 7" x 7" x 3.5"
  • Hand-Me-Down Bowl Detail, Upcycled sweater, beverage can pop tops, beads, monofilament
  • Coconut, Object transformation project for Elements of Visual Thinking II, Fall 2013, 56" x 56"
  • Intestine Hat, Gross/Kitsch Project for Sculptural Forms, Fall 2013
  • Back of Intestine Hat