2014 Competitive Scholarship Submission

    Studio Snacks is a food blog focusing on vegetable-forward* meals made great by locally sourced produce and a pantry free of most major allergens including wheat, dairy, soy and grains. Studio Snacks was founded on the author’s passion for alternative eating. Having explored paleo, vegan, raw vegan and macrobiotic lifestyles, this blog is an accumulation of the author’s collectively gained knowledge from each of these different but equally valuable schools of thought. 
    *Vegetable-Forward is the idea that it’s time for the vegetables of the plate to shine, and for good reason. Each vegetable, when prepared with care and creativity, has the potential of offering incredible flavor and textural goodness to any meal, so it’s time we stop calling veggies a side-dish. It’s time to embrace the vegetable as the star of the main course, on as many occasions as possible.
  • Local produce from the JFX Farmer's Market and Bazaar in downtown Baltimore.